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In contrast to most ‘penis enlargement pills’ and other grandly advertised products, the Pro Long is advocated by well-documented results and thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.


The Pro Long works basing on mechanical traction – gradual stretching of the penis.
Effectiveness confirmed by scientific research!

Permanent results

Mechanical traction results in division of tissue cells, owing to which the effect of enlargement does not disappear after weeks, months or years.


In order for the extender to work, you have to wear it each day for at least several hours; scientists have created an ergonomic design that does not expose you to unnecessary discomfort.


When used in accordance to the manual, it does not cause any side effects. Additionally, as suggested by the studies of Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero of the University of Turin, “penis extenders should be recommended for patients who want to improve penis length as the first form of treatment" – it can be an alternative to a penis enlargement surgery.

A precise top-quality medical device

Perfected over the years to make its work effective, 100% safe and related to no discomfort.

Full control over the stretching process

You will get a complete system that allows to increase the tension as the penis grows – you can change settings in just a few minutes by following a simple and detailed manual.

Non-sensitising and does not cause hypersensitivity of the penis

Thereby allowing for a sexual activity without any fear of problems, pain, burning, or other unpleasant ailments that sometimes occur when using other solutions.

Are you still wondering whether it really works and if you’ll be able to make your penis even several inches longer?

You don’t have to take our word for it – the results are confirmed by many scientific studies!

As shown by, among others, analyses conducted by a renown Danish plastic surgeon Jørn Ege Siana, M.D., using a penis extender for 26 weeks provides a noticeable improvement of the penile length. According to doctor Siana’s findings, penis of each subject in the group of patients (10 men aged 23-47 with problem-free erection, not previously subjected to penis enlargement surgery) improved its length by 28% on average when erect.

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Scientific research focused on penile length has been conducted for many years – the first documented results were released in medical journals of 1899. The history of analyses and experiments related to penis enlargement by means on non-surgical methods is nearly 100 years shorter, yet one can find there an abundance of scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of devices such as the Pro Long.

penispump The penis extender was already discussed by Jørn Ege Siana, M.D. of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Copenhagen (1998),
who conducted studies on 10 healthy men aged 23-47 with penis stretched by means of the extender.

  • The study lasted for 26 weeks with the tensile force increased from 600 g in the beginning to 1,500 g.
  • The patients wore the device for 12 hours every day with follow-up tests every 2 weeks.
  • A noticeable increase in penile length was observed in all patients – on average: 1.2 mm increase every week.
  • After the 26 weeks’ period, the average increase in penile length was 3.3 cm, which means up to 28% elongation.
  • No patient reported any medical issues or complications after using the extender.

A breakthrough in male enlargement studies was a research conducted at the University of Turin by two medical doctors: Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero. The two internationally renowned urologists, by referring to a number of extensive clinical studies (i.a., Colpi 2002, Nikoobath 2006, Aberne & Levine 2008) and comparing penis extenders to, among others, the so-called penis enlargement pump or penis injection with the use of botulinum acid, clearly indicate, that it is the solution such as the Pro Long that provides noticeable and long-lasting results.

Below we present a few citations from an article by Gontero and Oderda, published in 2011 in the British Journal of Urology International, a high-end prestigious medical journal:

"(…) great attention has been given to penile extenders, non-surgical devices that generate progressive mechanical traction to the penis. (…) it seems that these devices can produce an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, in both the flaccid and the stretched states."

"It seems that penile extenders represent the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation."

"(…) penile traction devices should be proposed [by medical professionals] as the first-line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure."

"In conclusion, penile extenders appear to be an effective treatment for patients who complain of ‘short penis’. The application of such devices can be recommended in all patients regardless of the penile length (…)."

Below are the key elements of the study on which Oderda and Gontero based their research work:

  • Sample: 21 men, mean age 47 years; 16 subjects completed a 12-month test cycle.
  • The subjects wore the Pro Long for 5 hours on average in the first month and for 4 hours in the sixth month.
  • Prior to the study, average flaccid penile lengths were estimated at 7.15 cm. After 12 months, an average increase of 32%, up to 9.45 cm was observed.
  • Prior to the study, the average penile extension in patients was 9.62 cm, while after the 12-month treatment – 11.32 cm – an 18% increase was recorded.
  • No significant penile girth improvement was observed – the average penile girth in patients both before and following the treatment was estimated at 10.4cm.
  • Average rates for the quality of erection in patients improved by 36% - from 19.9 points on a 30-point scale – to 27.1.
  • The reasons for resigning from the study involved, i.a., obtaining satisfying results in penis being extended after just 3 months.

As adds doctor Gontero,

"(…) patients still request some sort of procedure to enlarge their ‘under-estimated’ penis. Surgery, however, is characterized by a high risk of complications and unwanted outcomes (…)."

These results speak for themselves, evidently showing penis enlargement by means of extension to be highly effective. This method is far safer than a surgical procedure, with better support of the results than in the case of best enlargement pills or other pharmaceutical methods.

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Penis enlargement pills and creams don’t work!

Pro Long was created basing on medical data collected over 50 years, focused on limb extension process. Please bear in mind, that an arm or a leg cannot be ‘magically’ extended with the use of a cream or pills. Mechanical traction is the only method that forces tissue cells to multiplicate and the only way to get noticeable results.
The same applies to penis enlargement. Do not expect to notice and feel the difference if using methods like penis enlargement injection or other pharmaceutical solutions.

Pro Long is unrivalled!

Compare the effects of the penis extender with other methods and see for yourself, that it’s the best way for improving the size of your penis:

SAFETY High safety – studies prove, that Pro Long penis extenders are safe in use – regardless of age, penis length or degree of penile curve Penis tablets are a pharmaceutical and invasive method to – by taking pills, you stress your stomach and the substances that compose the pill may cause side effects A surgical treatment always involves a risk of complications
RESULTS Scientifically proven – expect ab. 30% penis extension during a 6-month treatment conducted in line with the producer’s recommendations Doubtful – no scientific evidence that would support the effectiveness of pharmacological treatment with regard to permanent penis extension Noticeable – a surgery provides a permanent penis extension
RISK OF COMPLICATIONS Minimum – penis extender is a non-invasive method that does not expose you to the risk of side effects High – as in the case of any pharmaceutical treatment, especially if using unapproved medication without certificates required within the EU High – as in the case of any surgical treatment. There is a risk of, e.g., infection, with long postoperative recovery period
SIMPLICITY OF USE High – you will get the penis extender on in no time and the entire design ensures comfort and can be easily concealed with clothing High – it only takes to swallow pills in a recommended dose Undergoing a surgical treatment requires long preparation, being qualified for the treatment by a medical doctor, as well as dealing with burdensome postoperative recovery

Still undecided?
Check additional research findings
that support the effectiveness of the penis extender

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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions

It does. You place an order for a complete penis extension system. The set includes the device and accessories that will allow you to change tension load and other settings, including penis length improvement. The set also includes a handy box for the entire kit and a user-friendly manual. It is, therefore, the only investment to make in order to improve your penis length.
The producer ensures a guarantee for the quality of the device. By purchasing the penis extender, you choose a medical device made basing on carefully selected materials and design developed over the years. It is a safe equipment made with utmost attention to detail, which will allow you to improve your penis length painlessly and permanently.
This depends on many factors, among others, the flexibility of your skin or the degree of your penile curve. However, scientific research proves, that by using the Pro Long extender one may enlarge his penis by ab. 30% in terms of length.
Yes. The device has been subjected to strict safety tests and the technology undergoes constant modernisation to ensure even better results and higher comfort for the men who use the Pro Long extender.
Yes. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is recommended to store the device in the box included in the set. Each time before use the extender should be gently cleaned with water and soap, then dried with a towel. That’s all it takes to keep it in optimal condition for a long time.
Yes. We understand that ordering medical accessories is your business and no one else’s. For that very reason, we ship our Pro Long penis extender in a discrete unmarked box. We also protect your privacy when you place an order for our device – our website has all necessary security utilities. Therefore, the only individuals to know about the fact that you are using the penis extender are those you will inform yourself.
It all depends on whether you will use the extender according to our recommendations, what tension you will use and how flexible is your skin. Most clients observe noticeable results as soon as after wearing the Pro Long penis extender systematically for the first three weeks. At first, you will notice that your penile curve has become less apparent, followed by an increase in length, and after a 6-month treatment also an improvement of erectile functions.
Our device was designed with your comfort in mind. Each element combines ergonomic character with a smooth surface that does not irritate the penis. Naturally, since the aim of the extender is to extend the penis, you will experience effects like in the case of any other resistance training. For that very reason, we recommend that you begin the treatment with the lowest settings and gradually increase the tensile load. This way you will minimise the feeling of discomfort.


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We understand, that the issue of having small penis can be embarrassing, therefore, we offer you both scientifically proven effectiveness and discrete delivery.
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To ensure your privacy:

We send unmarked parcels

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We pack the ordered products with utmost care

We will prepare and send to you a parcel without any marks and signs. It will be delivered to you in a discrete grey carton box. No one will ever notice what is inside. But please be careful, since after several months of using this product your partner might begin to wonder what you did to make such an enormous improvement in the quality of your sex life!

We pack our products with utmost care – the packaging is perfected in every detail to protect your new Pro Long penis extender from getting damaged in transport. Have no fear – it will be delivered to you in one piece and ready to use. Just take it out the box, read the manual and put it on. You will notice first results after a few months of use – without any side effects.

One hundred per cent of safety. By placing your order with us rest assured, that we will send you an original medical device – with necessary safety certificates, approved for use by urologists. Begin your treatment without any worries.


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